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RemoteAppFrameWork For Delphi The RemoteApp framework is a development framework based on Microsoft RDP and developed using Delphi language. This framework is divided into server and client programs. The server runs on the remote computer (supports multiple users connecting at the same time without interfering with each other). After the client is connected, the application program of the remote computer can be started, and then the application program interface appears on the client. On the computer, it feels like the program is running locally.

RemoteAppFrameWork : client program screenshot.

System requirements

1. Because the server program needs to support multiple users logging in at the same time, it is recommended to use the Windows Server version of the operating system. The systems supported by the server are as follows:

(1) Windows Server 2008 or higher version server.
(2) Windows Vista: Professional Edition, Ultimate Edition.
(3) Windows 7: Enterprise Edition, Ultimate Edition.
(4) Windows 8/8.1: Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition.
(5) Windows 10/11: Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, Education Edition.

2. The client program supports Windows XP SP3 or higher systems.

Instructions for use

1. Server

Run "ServerSetup.exe" and click to install. After the installation is complete, create one or more new users as needed and add them to the list of users allowed for remote access:

Win7: Control Panel--->System and Security--->System--->Remote Settings.
Win10: Settings--->Remote Desktop--->User Accounts.

You can also set the user account type to the administrator group, so there is no need to manually add it to the allowed list. Windows stipulates that accounts in the administrator group are allowed remote access.

To uninstall, please select "RemoteApp Server" in the Add or Remove Programs list in the control panel, and then click Uninstall.

2. Client

Double-click "RemoteAppClient.exe" to run it. After filling in the server's login settings, click the "Connect" button. After the connection is successful, a "Program Launcher" window will appear. Click the connection above to run the remote program. If you accidentally close this window, you can click the "Program Launcher" button in the client panel to open it at any time.

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