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Free Tools

Some free tools commonly used by programmers
  • Delphi RunAs A Runas tool written in Delphi can directly elevate a program to system permissions. It is mainly used to debug programs (such as services) that require System permissions in the IDE.Note: For Delphi7, because the user is SYSTEM, the Delphi authorization file must be copied to the system directory (for example: under Win64, it is located at x:\Windows\SysWOW64\config\systemprofile\.borland), otherwise Delphi will It says that the authorization file cannot be found.

  • Delphi RPCView The RPC decompilation tool written in Delphi is based on the open source rpcview (https://www.rpcview.org/) and adds some functions. For example, downloading symbol files; fixing some bugs, such as the original version citing a higher version of the API under XP and causing it to fail to run.

Demo Video

Demonstration videos of some previously written programs for practice purposes
  • Virtual Desktop Demonstrate how to implement a virtual background desktop.

  • Virtual Display Demonstrates how to create multiple virtual displays, then connect and control them simultaneously.

  • Delphi RDP Server An RDP server compatible with Windows RDP client.

  • Delphi RemoteAPP Another way to implement RemoteApp.Including client and server.

Free Source Code

Some free delphi source code
  • Delphi lsp Winsock 2 layered service provider (LSP) sample.Used for TCP, UDP data redirection (such as proxy service).

  • Delphi Shell Code Exception handling The supporting code of the article introduces how to handle exceptions in ShellCode written in Delphi. Article address: https://bbs.kanxue.com/thread-278009.htm, https://bbs.kanxue.com/thread-277595-1.htm.

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